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BURLESON, TEXAS — In a significant step toward supporting survivors in abusive relationships, the Burleson Police Department, in collaboration with its Victims Assistance Department, has launched a new campaign aimed at providing discreet aid to those in need. Understanding the difficulties and fears associated with reporting domestic violence, BPD has introduced a unique solution: self-adhesive posters equipped with QR codes, designed for installation in restroom stalls across local businesses.

These posters serve as a silent yet powerful tool for survivors seeking help. When scanned, the QR code directs the user to the Victims Assistance webpage, a safe and confidential platform. Here, survivors can not only contact Victims Assistance advocates but also access a wealth of resources and information crucial for their safety and well-being. In situations of immediate danger, the webpage even offers an option to TEXT 911, ensuring help is just a text away, without alerting the abuser.

Highlighting the importance of community involvement, BPD is encouraging local business owners to participate in this community-driven initiative. The free posters will be delivered and installed by BPD, symbolizing a joint effort in creating safe spaces for survivors in distress.

To sustain and expand this project, BPD is also calling on the community for financial support. The production and distribution of these posters incur significant costs, and donations from individuals, businesses, and community organizations are crucial to cover these expenses. Contributions will directly fund the printing of these life-saving posters, ensuring that they can be distributed widely and free of charge to local businesses willing to participate in this safety initiative.

This campaign not only reflects BPD's commitment to victim assistance but also strengthens the community's resolve to stand against domestic violence. Business owners interested in joining this campaign can contact the BPD Victims Assistance Department at or 817-426-9901. They can also call the Burleson Area Chamber of Commerce at 817-295-6121.

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